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Best Caribbean Cocktails – A Guide to the Region’s Popular Drinks


A holiday spent in this tropical paradise wouldn’t be complete without sipping on the best Caribbean cocktails. Yes, the allure of the islands lies in their pristine beaches and lush landscapes, but visitors should not forget to delve into the diverse array of drinks that reflect the adventurous spirit and history of the region. 

The Authentic ‘Piña Colada’

Pictured is a blended Pina Colada, one of the best Caribbean cocktails and most widely-known, sitting on a table by the beach with a chunk of pineapple on the rim and a pineapple frond used as garnish on the drink.

One of the most beloved Caribbean drinks is the Piña Colada. Probably the Caribbean’s most widely-known drink, it’s one of many cocktails with coconut rum that originated in Puerto Rico. This divine blend of coconut cream, pineapple juice, and white rum transports visitors to the sandy shores of the lively island.

After its inception in Puerto Rico, the Piña Colada quickly spread throughout the rest of the Caribbean, later serving as a vessel to introduce the world to rum. Although the origins and history surrounding rum are contested, the spirit’s widespread popularity is definitely not. There is truly nothing more delicious and satiating than an icy Piña Colada served on the beach during the Caribbean’s hotter summer months.

Luckily, our on-site chefs and butlers are experienced in whipping up the best Piña Coladas in the Caribbean. Reach out to our team to book a stay in one of our villas offering these services.

The Almighty ‘Rum Punch’

Another delicious Caribbean rum cocktail, the pictured cocktail is a spiced rum cocktail, an iced reddish brown drink on a mirrored table.

Jamaica, known for its legendary music scene and sociable locals, serves up the perfect setting for basking in the magic of a well-crafted Rum Punch. This traditional Caribbean rum cocktail is a delightful medley of local dark rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, grenadine, and a hint of lime. The classic rum punch ratio:  1 of sour, 2 of sweet, 3 of strong, of weak.

This combination is intoxicating in more ways than one, as its flavors mirror the warm and welcoming nature of Jamaicans and their island. Whether enjoyed on a private beach, inside a luxury Caribbean villa, or at a lively bar with the locals, a Rum Punch encapsulates the essence of Caribbean hospitality and fun.

The Minty Classic ‘Mojito’

One of the best cocktails in the Caribbean and one of the most popular cocktails around the world, this is the classic mojito, a glass filled with clear liquid, lime juice, and mint leafs, with a round of lime as garnish on the rim.

For visitors craving a refreshing local beverage, we can’t recommend the Mojito enough. You’ve probably tried it before, but if you haven’t drunk one in the Caribbean, we’re begging you to! Originating from Cuba, this minty fresh drink is a harmonious mix of white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and one more quintessential addition: freshly picked mint leaves. 

Mojitos are beloved by locals and visitors alike for their crisp, zesty flavour, and are especially popular during the summer months in the Caribbean as they offer a cooling respite from sun-drenched afternoons on the beach.

The Hydrating ‘Coconut Mojito’

Another delicious drink in the Caribbean, this coconut mojito will keep anyone hydrated with its surplus of electrolytes, served in a glass with a straw and garnished with a little bit of coconut husk.

The Caribbean reigns king when it comes to making cocktails with coconut water. A lesser-known cousin of the classic Mint mojito, this is the Coconut Mojito. Originating from the Dominican Republic, this tropical delight combines the region’s famously fresh coconut water with the classic Mojito ingredients. 

The result is a lighter and even more hydrating version of the traditional Mojito, making it the perfect companion for a hot and lazy day.

The Flavorful ‘Spice Rum Punch’

Another top cocktail on the list of delicious cocktails from the Caribbean, this spiced rum punch is served with orange peel and garnished with a leaf.

Exploring the spice-infused life of Grenada unveils the mesmerizing world of the Spice Rum Punch. Grenada, also known as the “Spice Isle,” is internationally celebrated for its high-quality nutmeg and cinnamon production. 

The Spice Rum Punch pays homage to these powerful flavors, featuring dark rum, nutmeg, cinnamon, fresh pineapple juice, and grenadine. Indulging in this unique concoction takes holidayers on a sensory journey through the aromatic spices that define Grenada’s culinary landscape and history. Grenadans truly take the classic rum punch to the next level with this enchanting cocktail. The classic rum punch ratio:  1 of sour, 2 of sweet, 3 of strong, of weak.

The Simple ‘Ti Punch’

Another one of the top drinks in the Caribbean, the 'Ti Punch is served clear, bubbling, with a wedge of lime for freshness.

Concluding our guide to the best Caribbean cocktails is the ‘Ti Punch from the island of Martinique. Originally hailing from the French Caribbean, this simple and sophisticated drink captures the essence of the simple joys and easygoing lifestyle in the region. Recently, it has become one of the most popular drinks in the Caribbean.

Comprised of white agricole rum, lime, and a splash of cane syrup, the ‘Ti Punch exemplifies the art of simplicity. This cherished Caribbean classic, enjoyed all around the region, is a testament to the understated elegance that defines any holiday here.

No matter where these drinks originated, each is served in almost every bar and restaurant around the Caribbean; but our butlers and private chefs do it best.

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