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Top Restaurants in St. Vincent and The Grenadines


Top Restaurants in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

As St. Vincent and the Grenadines became an international hotspot, the restaurants found on these islands became exceedingly international. Inside the top restaurants in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, visitors experience a wide variety of cuisines, cocktails, and cultures. From tiny island pitstops to world-renowned kitchens, here is our guide to the best restaurants in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Best Restaurants on Canouan Island

Canouan offers visitors everything from private fine dining experiences to tiny bars on man-made islands; this island is a true choose-your-adventure destination.

Foxy Jack’s

One amazing restaurant on Canouan Island in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is Foxy Jack's, this image shows one of the green accented dining rooms with comfortable plush chairs and high ceilings.

Visitors to Canouan should look no further than Foxy Jack’s for a fine dining experience. Guests are invited to relax in the spacious, high-ceilinged lounge, or perch comfortably on the terrace to enjoy the views overlooking the marina. Guests who prefer a more intimate dining experience are invited to reserve one of Foxy Jack’s private rooms along with a private tasting menu curated by the Executive Chef at Foxy Jack’s. This establishment is a fabulous option for those searching for fine dining in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Shenanigans Beach Club Bar and Restaurant

One of the best restaurants on Canouan Island in the Caribbean country of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Shenanigans is right on the beach, as pictured and chairs and tables are set up directly on the sand.

Placed delicately on the southern-facing beach of Canouan Island, Shenanigans is another of Canouan’s restaurants and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They pride themselves on “refined, yet relaxed International style,” and if the views don’t convince visitors to stop for a meal, the a la carte menu and impressive wine selection certainly will. 

This is the perfect place on Canouan to experience it all: a refined meal, a poolside afternoon relaxed on a lounger, and a serene dip into the surrounding Caribbean waters.

Happy Bar on Happy Island

A semi-secret bar on Canouan island, Happy Bar is accessibly only by boat and is a popular spot for visitors to the island. Here it is pictured surrounded by water, with a few row boats moored alongside its little dock.

For this quaint bar, the name says it all. This unique establishment doesn’t offer guests a full menu or fine dining; it’s the unique location of this spot that makes Happy Bar so special. Placed out in the middle of Clifton Harbor, this tiny man-made island is home to a bar that covers just about every square centimeter of the island itself. An important detail is that Happy Bar can only be reached by sea. 

We recommend chartering a speedboat or yacht for the day and tying up at Happy Bar’s doc. Happy Bar doesn’t have a website yet, thus we recommend taking a peek at the island bar here and giving them a call before you set sail. Their timetables are anything but regular!

Fantastic Dining and Culinary Experiences on Mustique Island

Secluded Mustique is the perfect spot for a romantic getaway, intimate event, or private party. Discover the best dining experiences Mustique offers its guests.


Basil’s Bar

An amazing restaurant on Mustique in the Caribbean is Basil's Bar, a seaside bar and restaurant pictured here at dusk, lit up and reflecting on the water.

Our insider tip is to pay an afternoon visit to Basil’s Bar. In service for over 50 years but undergoing a remodel by globally revered designer Philippe Starck, Basils was unveiled once more in 2018 and is more fabulous than ever. Guests can plan their day trip around Basil’s Mexican-inspired Thursdays, complete with tacos, tequila, Latin music, and dance, or take a holiday solely to see their Blues Festival. An afternoon or evening spent at Basil’s is made special by unwavering hospitality and impeccable vibes. Visitors will not only experience Basil Bar’s culinary delights but an immersion into the island’s vibrant culture and charm. 

Read more about more adventures and top spots on Mustique Island.


The Beach Cafe

The Beach Cafe is another amazing restaurant on Mustique in the Caribbean, and is known for its dinners on the sandy beach surrounded by warm fires, as pictured here.

This gorgeous seaside cafe sits elegantly on the edge of Endeavour Bay. Boasting a fabulous menu alongside a sweeping view of the beach and sea, The Beach Cafe is as inviting as anything. Mustique’s effortless charm makes it hard for visitors to leave this cafe after sitting down. This eatery is the perfect mixture of comfort and style, with fresh meals served on pristine ceramics, a menu of expertly-made cocktails, and top-tier service. Visitors can choose from fresh seafood, hand-tossed salads, craft cocktails, and more.

For guests searching for a social scene, The Beach Cafe on Mustique often hosts events, including a well-known around the island for Friday Night’s Happy Hour and a Half complete with pizza. During calmer months, visitors might just catch the cafe’s Cook on the Sand event, where chefs slow-cook pork inside banana leaves on coals buried deep under the sand. 

The best part? Dinner is served right on the beach, under the stars.

Browse the menu at The Beach Cafe to learn more about the cuisine.

Delicious Beach Bar on Bequia Island


Jack’s Beach Bar

Another great restaurant on Bequia Island is Jack's Beach Bar, a great place to sit near the water, pictured is one of the items on the menu: seared tuna.

Perched on Princess Margaret Beach, this adorable bar gives diners stunning views of the beach from the beachfront patio. Meals feature the catch of the day and other locally sourced flavors alongside hand-crafted cocktails. On weekend evenings, the dining room turns into a dancefloor, and this lively bar becomes a hub for Bequia’s social life. 

Take a closer look at Jack’s Beach Bar’s daily dishes and be sure to call in advance for larger parties or dietary requirements. 

Top Restaurants in Kingstown, the Capital of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Kingstown restaurants and bars are known to be laid-back and casual. While might not be the best location for fine dining, stopping in to have a meal in the city gives visitors an authentic experience of local culture and cuisine.

Mona’s Fine Creole Cooking

Mona’s serves up local vegetables and herbs alongside traditionally prepared meats. The meals are flavorful and filling, and remind diners of something their grandma could have cooked up. The restaurant is just steps away from the Kingstown Port, making it a great place to have lunch on the way to the ferry or the airport. Mona’s doesn’t have its own website, but take a look at the meals they offer and customer reviews here.

52 Ocean Heights Restaurant and Bar

Another authentic Kingstown eatery, 52 Ocean Heights may prove hard to find upon first glance, as the restaurant doesn’t even display a sign. It’s a great option for guests looking for an authentic Kingstown adventure, as 52 Ocean Heights is a popular spot for locals to gather and enjoy a meal or a drink together. Although no fine dining options are offered here, 52 Ocean Heights serves up delicious classics like burgers and pizza. Like Mona’s, this restaurant doesn’t have a website but potential visitors can take a look at reviews and meals here.

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