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Top 10 Snorkelling Spots in the Caribbean


What takes a holiday in a luxury villa with your pals or that special someone to the next level? Scheduling a few seaside adventures in and around the best places to snorkel in the Caribbean. Exploring the natural world here is an absolute must for visitors, especially for those who enjoy swimming amongst tropical fish and shallow shipwrecks. 

This is our list of the top 10 snorkelling spots in the Caribbean – but we can’t share all of our secret spots here! Reach out to our team to gain premier access to top-secret snorkelling spots, boat and yacht charters, and book a stay at one of our luxury villas.


One of the larger islands on our list, Barbados’ shores boast a variety of snorkelling locations, pristine beaches, and access to protected coral reefs.

#1. Carlisle Bay Marine Park

Barbados is an amazing place to snorkel, and in Carlisle Bay as pictured here there are shipwrecks for divers to explore.

This bay is a popular choice among visitors to Barbados. Carlisle Bay is located in a protected Marine Park and a UNESCO World Heritage site in the southwest corner of the island. There are 6 shipwrecks for snorkellers to explore, beginning at a depth of 12 feet. Originally, Carlisle Bay maintained an important port for trading, but now visitors will find luxury yachts and sailboats, sunbathers, and divers here

Nearby is our luxury villa, Seawards, also located on the west coast of the island. Seawards is the perfect property for a mid-sized group of snorkelling fanatics, as it is beachside and sleeps up to 6. Take a look at this stunning luxury Caribbean villa.

#2. Gibbs Beach

Another great place for snorkelling in the Caribbean is Gibbs Beach, a secluded beach with clear water and shade from palm trees, pictured here.

Lesser-known Gibbs Beach, frequented for its soft sand, secluded location, and calm tides, is a wonderful Caribbean beach for beginner snorkelling. With its tall, leafy palm trees, fair-skinned beachgoers can be rest assured that shade is nearby while they paddle easily in the small waves here. There are no facilities, but restaurants in Holetown and Speightstown are nearby.


This island is known as a fantastic spot for a snorkel vacation because of its picturesque waters and well-maintained shores.

#3. Playa Lagoon

This beach is a small inlet surrounded by higher cliffs, a great place to find marine life while snorkelling.

This smaller, protected beach is a fantastic spot to break out the goggles and take a deep dive to explore submerged rocks and cliffs. As its shores are safe from bigger waves and strong winds, visitors often find a variety of marine life here, including turtles, tropical birds, and colorful fish, making it one of the best snorkel spots on Curaçao.

#4. Mustique

As a privately owned island, Mustique’s beaches are well-protected. Arriving on this island is easy, it’s leaving Mustique that’s so hard! Experiencing remote, untouched natural beauty and swimming in these magical waters is nothing short of a dream come true. 

Mustique is surrounded by coral reefs and nearly 20 vibrant sites for diving in the Caribbean, making it a perfect spot for a variety of snorkelling experiences. 

Take a look at a few of our luxury villas that allow visitors to walk out the back door and onto the beach, like beachfront Saphire or Jacaranda. Once your booking is confirmed, our contacts on the island will make sure reservations are made for the top-secret snorkelling locations on the island.


Famous for its red-footed tortoises, this gorgeous island is long, meaning there is a surplus of coastline. It’s an excellent place to visit for those who love sweeping views of the ocean and easy access to its soft sand beaches and turquoise waters.

#5. Tobago Cays

A gorgeous underwater scene with colorful fish and lively coral, the Topago Cays are a protected marine park that allows for snorkelling in the Caribbean.

Although the Tobago Cays are not a part of Canouan’s landmass, they are a short 20-minute boat ride or hour-long sail away. The Cays are made up of 5 uninhabited islands, Petit Rameau, Petit Bateau, Baradal, Petit Tabac, and Jamesby. Between them lies a protected marine park and some of the largest coral reefs in the Caribbean, making it a haven for marine life enthusiasts. For visitors looking for the best snorkel vacation stops, look no further! Read more about the stunning marine life found here.

#6. Winward Bay

Submerged beneath the waters of Winward Bay, snorkellers will find a mile-long reef protecting Canouan’s beaches. This reef makes for excellent snorkelling, well as spectacular sites for both novice and experienced divers. As this bay is far from the capital city, its shores remain quiet and calm, even in the height of tourist season.

Our luxury beachfront villas on Canouan include the expansive Big Blue Ocean villa that comfortably sleeps 10 and uniquely designed Carenage villa that sleeps up to 8.


Also known as the Island of the Clouds, Bequia is a beachy paradise that is postcard-perfect. 

#7. Devil’s Table

Another secret spot in the Caribbean for snorkelling is Devil's Table, known for its amazing marine life.

A fabulous stop for animal lovers, visitors to the Devil’s Table are likely to come across anything from octopus to spiny lobsters around the shore and tidepools of Devil’s Table. This shallow reef is a popular spot for scuba divers and snorkellers alike; on any given day visitors are guaranteed to see colorful fish and other marine life playing in the clear blue waters.

#8. Princess Margaret Beach

This beach is not only famous for its royal namesake but also its idyllic natural setting and abundance of marine life! Snorkellers will come across a bed of sand dollars about 30 yards offshore, and if they’re observant, might even spot a few flounders hiding under the first layer of sand.

And what’s better than visiting these beaches? Staying in a luxury beachside villa.

Take a peek at our gorgeous beachfront Caribbean villa Sandrock, complete with private beach access as well as sunset and sunrise views. If you’re searching for an equally spectacular Caribbean villa but a little larger, consider Hope Lodge. Hope Lodge Villa sleeps 12 and has direct access to a remote beach for easy sunbathing and snorkelling.

St. Bart’s

St. Barts, also known as Saint Barthelemy or St. Barth’s, is famous for both its high-end, world-class shopping in Saint-Jean and Gustavia and its stunning natural beauty. This is the island that gives visitors everything and more.

#9. Natural Marine Reserve in Colombier Beach

A great place for snorkelling on St. Bart's is Colombier Beach, known for its amazing marine life and tall sea grass.

This extremely secluded beach is great for adventurous visitors, as it is only accessible via a 30-minute hike or short boat ride around the coast of the island. Visitors are sure to see fish, eels, turtles, crabs, and more while snorkelling through lively and mesmerizing seagrass beds just off the shore.

#10. St. Jean Beach, Pelican side – Nikki Beach 

Last on our list of the top 10 snorkelling spots in the Caribbean is St. Jean Beach. Another wonderful option for less experienced swimmers to snorkel in the Caribbean, this beach is actually divided into two sides with vastly different vibes. We recommend the eastern side for swimming and exploring as the waters are calm and clear, meaning turtles often visit this part of the island, too. After a day of snorkelling, visitors will find a few options for restaurants nearby that serve up delicious post-swim snacks and cocktails.

Wondering where to stay on St. Bart’s?

We highly recommend one of our luxury villas. If your party is on the larger side, consider La Plage villa, situated directly on the beachfront, this luxury property boasts amenities like a jacuzzi, heated private pool, daily continental breakfast, and more.

For smaller parties searching for a beachside rental property on St. Bart’s, look no further than our chic Sand Castle villa that offers up the best of both worlds: Here, holidayers have direct access to the beach and a private pool.

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